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So Since I’m Really Just 27 or So…

Seth Godin says something interesting that I want to, need to hold onto:

Add into that the fact that were living much longer and careers are becoming more flexible and its pretty clear that in just about every cultural respect, fifty year olds are living, acting and looking more like thirty year olds every day.

via Seths Blog: Fifty is the new thirty.

So if Fifty is the new Thirty, and I’m sitting at 43 – that makes me the new 27 or so, right? Some days, I feel closer to what 50 must feel like. Other days, I want to feel and act much younger. My disposition helps with that, and my overall outlook takes some years off, I hope. My health and weight take me the other way, so I need to focus on all of the above more than any one piece of this puzzle.

But the real inspiring encouraging part of the post isn’t where we think about real age – instead, what about the thought that we are all getting older, and that fact is changing how we all interact on probably every level? We not only can’t do things the same old way, but think about how the same old people aren’t those same old people anymore. Of course things need to change. They already are, and to ignore that in order to maintain some sense of whatever… well that’s just not smart, not wise, not prudent.

Not possible.

I love to see the a-ha moment in others almost as much as I get a jolt from experiencing it for myself. It’s that point in time when some idea, some phrase, some story tweaks just the right brain cell so that everything changes because it makes sense that everything MUST change. Marketing changes. The way we go to church changes. Dinner out is a different thing now. Staying home to watch the NCAAs has changed. Things we did one way before are now different things done different ways.

And we’re all growing up together in this new changing world.

  • Change the way you get to work. Listen to something new during your morning drive. Use a bike if that’s possible, or public transit. See the differences when something as inane as your ride to work is shared with others, or if you listen to new tunes.
  • Smile more. That sounds like such a trite cliche – but really, think how much a tiny thing like a well-timed smile effects you. Now do that for other folks. And brush your teeth.
  • Write back. Tweet back. Answer people when they ask.
  • Make sure you are doing/living/embodying something that will bring out the curiosity in others. Then go back to that bulletpoint just previous.
  • Share what you want to share with people who might need what you’re passing along. This is no longer marketing for the sake of marketing. It’s not a commercial for the sake of showing during the Super Bowl. It’s honestly sharing what you like so that others who like you will see it, judge/weigh it for themselves, and act.
  • Look at Monday’s work-to-do list and change something. Do something first that you normally save for last. Check your email for emergencies first thing, and then avoid it ’til lunchtime. Change something so you feel a different, hopefully enthusiastic vibe to start the week.
  • Look at your customers as friends, as family, as more than just a paycheck or an assignment. What do they really need? What are they really looking for? What really inspires them? Ask yourself: why can’t that inspiration be me?

So get out there, whippersnappers – make some changes. Make a difference. Make things different. Make the world better for it.

6 Responses to So Since I’m Really Just 27 or So…

  1. Walker McKay says:

    Rick, you are wise way beyond your 27 years.

  2. Great advice for anyone of any age!