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More Changes on Facebook?

Wednesday I noticed Google doing something cool with search and my RSS feeds. Today, I’ve seen a “new” take on the settings for fan pages on Facebook. One of the drawbacks of social media tools is that since you don’t really have much of a monetary investment, they can change things on the fly whenever they want. Facebook tends to do it without much notification (read: “surprise!”). So when I see little tweaks, I’m curious of the how/why/when.


If you click on “Settings” under the entry box, you can select how you see a page Wall – either the wall posts, or wall posts and posts from others, or just the others minus wall posts from the page. For me on Wednesday, this was actually my view everywhere – you didn’t have to click “Settings” to see it.


Then Thursday morning, this page has “Everyone” or just the page’s posts. I think this is a cleaner design, but I’d like to have “everyone except” so that the peruser can see what others are saying without the input of the wall.

It’s not everywhere, just something I noticed. Hoping this means the overall overhaul of Fan Pages is going to be implemented sooner rather than later.

[fyi, more changes at Facebook from SpinSucks.com]

POSTSCRIPT – if you click through the pics above to the fan pages and see something different, please let me know in the comments. I’m wondering if there’s differences for different people, or if you like a page will you see it differently then if you’re not a “fan”, or if you’re an admin is it different from non-admin views – those are the kinds of things that keep my up nights (in good ways, trust me).

2 Responses to More Changes on Facebook?

  1. OH Facebook. They’re at it again. I learned that if you play games on Facebook, you cannot have the HTTPS active. Thanks for linking to Spin Sucks.

    • Rick says:

      Thanks, Gini – yeah, hoping they’ll pull the trigger on the “sign in as page” feature that escaped on the site a few weeks ago. That’ll be worth the price of admission on that one. I’ll have to check the HTTPS piece – can see where that would suck.