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Dissecting a WordPress Blog

So you’re going to start a blog in 2011? So you want to do some tweaking and housecleaning around your WordPress site?

With all the WordPress theme frameworks that arose over the past few years, you’d almost forget what a normal WordPress theme looks like. Almost, because Yoast has got your back and we’re about to remind you! Check out our anatomy of a WordPress theme infographic…via The anatomy of a WordPress theme – Yoast.

Whether you know HTML/CSS or not, the post above is a good refresher/intro to how the pieces and parts of a WordPress blog work together. I’m still learning, but it’s fun to let my programming side get a workout with the functional pieces of a blog working together visually like that.

What are some questions you have about blogging, starting a blog, re-doing pages on your site, domains, etc? Let’s open up a conversation about what’s out there and how to participate locally…

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